So many of us fall for the fantasy that we will meet the right person, fall in love, get married and live happily ever after! However the reality is often very different-Circumstances and people can change, we are not the same people at thirty as we were at twenty.

Change is an integral part of human existence and this process of change can often result in one member of a partnership beginning to want different things from the relationship or perhaps realizing for the first time that their needs are not being met.

Let’s face it relationships are not always easy and few of us are taught the skills to manage them in an effective way.


What is a healthy relationship?

Being in a healthy relationship means:

1. I can be myself when I am with my partner

2. We trust one another

3. I can talk openly without fear of ridicule

4. We have a mutual respect for each others thought, feelings and decisions

5. There is a foundation of mutual commitment


Signs of an unhealthy relationship!

Some of the following may be experienced when you are in an unhealthy relationship!

1. Being threatened by a partner with violence or intimidation

2. Feeling pressured to have sex

3. Being made to feel crazy, stupid or inadequate by a partner

4. Accepting and making excuses for a partners abusive behavior

5. Afraid to disagree with your partner