Aging Issues

As we grow older we can find ourselves facing any number of issues, many older people feel awkward discussing their problems and concerns with friends or members of their family and so an older person may benefit from talking to someone like Stuart who is a trained professional and has a wealth of experience in this area.


Some of the issues relevant to our aging population:

  • Grief & loss- partner, independence, health, mobility, the family home
  • Relationships with adult children
  • Retirement
  • Cognitive decline
  • Relationship with spouse
  • Sexuality



Older adults often experience loneliness and may have a lack of social contact, for many the fear of being alone impacts on their whole way of being.


Depression and Anxiety
(the inability to tolerate uncertainty) can be experienced in connection to health, practical and financial issues


Awareness of own mortality
Often when older people have experienced the loss of a spouse, friends and family, they have a greater sense of their own mortality and can spend lots of time worrying about death.


How can counseling help?

  • Allows individuals the opportunity to share past and present problems in a confidential and supportive environment
  • Reduce stress
  • Assists older adults in coming to terms with their losses
  • Helps people adjust to a new situation
  • Can give people a greater sense of acceptance so they have a better quality of life
  • Provides the opportunity to think afresh and explore ways of coping more effectively.