Can I be assured of a service that is both confidential and ethical?

Healing Counsel delivers Counselling services in accordance with the Australian Counselling Associations (ACA) Code of Ethics, ensuring that you are treated ethically, respectfully and competently.

Click here for information about the ACA Code of Ethics


How can Counselling help?

  • Provide Self-care strategies
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Provide the tools to challenge, limited, distorted beliefs, thoughts and cognitions
  • Help you to acknowledge and manage your feelings
  • Be present
  • Help to understand and change patterns of behavior
  • The skills to respond in a different way
  • Move from confusion into clarity
  • Reframe a current situation
  • Understanding of interpersonal boundaries
  • Improve patterns of communication
  • Promote inner calm and a sense of empowerment

What are my rights as a Counselling Client?

Competent and professional service

Privacy and Confidentiality

To be treated in a respectful manner

The right to make informed decisions about any aspect of your treatment, management and care

The right to provide feedback to the Counsellor about any aspect of the service


What are my responsibilities as a Counselling Client?

 Arrive for scheduled appointments on time

To take responsibility for your emotional responses

Inform your Counsellor if you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment

Do not attend any appointment if you are affected by Alcohol or Drugs

Apply learning’s/skills from sessions to your everyday life, between appointments

To provide feedback to your Counsellor, Good or Bad about the service


How long is a session?

An appointment with Stuart lasts around an hour an a half.

In the first session, Stuart will listen to your concerns, help you to define the problem and talk about any goals that you hope to achieve through counselling. During the first session, a comprehensive life history is taken.


How many sessions are needed?

The number of sessions required is dependent on the client and the type of issues that they present with, a rough guide would be six – eight sessions, a week or a fortnight apart.

Stuart checks in at the conclusion of each session and reviews progress with his client, a mutual decision is then made with regard to future appointments.

Sometimes clients may simply want to check in as the need arises.

Fees for:

One and  a half hours of Counselling: $150


One hour of Counselling and half hour Chakra Balance / Energy Healing.
The choice of two Aura Soma: Pomanders and  Quintessences plus five Australian Bushflower Essences to take home and continue the healing process initiated in the session.

*Stuart also provides written resources as necessary.

Healing Session:

One hour session of hands on healing: $50


Space Counsel:

One and a half hours of a Space Counsel Consultation: $120



One hour session: $100