What is Counselling?


Counselling is an individual process of genuine dialogue between client and therapist and can encompass many different things such as:

Education, problem solving, the ability to see things in a different way, goal setting and the promotion of self-awareness.

Counselling can also provide the tools and strategies to assist and empower people so that they can make more effective choices in their lives.

Sometimes we just want someone to listen with empathy and understanding and to not feel judged.

All of us have times in our life, when we want to be heard, understood and validated!

Of course the added bonus is that this is the one time in your week that you can be guaranteed that it will be all about you!


How can Counselling help?

  • Provide Self-care strategies
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Provide the tools to challenge, limited, distorted beliefs, thoughts and cognitions
  • Help you to acknowledge and manage your feelings
  • Be present
  • Help to understand and change patterns of behavior
  • The skills to respond in a different way
  • Move from confusion into clarity
  • Reframe a current situation
  • Understanding of interpersonal boundaries
  • Improve patterns of communication
  • Promote inner calm and a sense of empowerment


Even though most people tend to seek counselling when they have a crisis on their hands or are at a crossroad in their life, speaking with a counsellor can be beneficial for anyone who wants to lead their best life and learn better ways of doing things.